Tsu: The First Social Media and Networking Platform that Pays its Users for their Content

It is undeniable that social-media giants such as Facebook and Twitter have completely changed the way we socialize, interact, and even do business.

However it is also true that these same platforms owe their success entirely to their loyal users who generated and posted content and made them into what they are today. Without these users, these websites would be entirely useless, and this is what inspired Tsu (pronounced: sue) founder Sebastian Sobczak into creating the first Social Media and Networking platform that actually pays its users their fair share of ad revenues.

Tsu believes that content creators need to be rewarded for their time and effort, and that is why Tsu has decided to create a business model that includes its users. As Sebastion Sobczak said, “It’s just the right thing to do.”
So, how does it all work?

I know what you must be thinking, “This sounds waaaaay too good to be true!” Trust me when I say that’s what I thought at first too, but I decided to give it a chance and signed up. After adding and following a couple hundred people, posting and sharing content and eventually earning my first ten cents, I realized that there may actually be something to this concept!

Tsu was launched on the 21st of October 2014 and has already gone viral. It’s a Pyramid Scheme which works on an invite basis. This means that in order to sign up, you need to be invited by an existing member. 
When someone invites you and you sign up through their sign-up code, you become their “child”. You can then also invite new members who then become your “children”. This is what is called building your family tree.
Of the money that you make, a small percentage of it is sent up the family tree to your “parent”, “grandparent (the person who invited the person who invited you to Tsu) etc… Conversely, a small percentage of the money that is made by your children or the children of your children is given to you.

The best way to make money on Tsu is by having a large network of friends and followers, and posting and sharing a lot of interesting and high- quality content. The more views and more attention your content gets, the more you get paid. To gain a solid understanding of the concept and how the payment scale works, visit www.tsuguru.com.

It is important to realize that this is not meant to make you a millionaire or be a get-rich-quick scheme and that you don’t need to know people like Usher for this to work. It is intended to be the same as Facebook, except that you are paid for the ad revenues generated by your posts and content, and over time, you will make a bit of money on the side, depending on the size of your network. According to Tsu Founder Sebastian Sobczak, on average, a user with 2000 friends can make around $1000 a year.

Not a bad extra little source of income, eh, students? And for doing what? Exactly the same you are doing right now but not getting paid for.

Clearly, the positive aspect of this concept is that not only can our technology-dependent society be paid for its favorite pastime; it is also a morally and ethically sound concept. This is attracting a lot of bloggers, artists, celebrities and other individuals with big fan-bases to migrate to Tsu and leave Instagram,  facebook, and twitter behind. Simply because on Tsu they are paid for their influence and original content, whereas other traditional platforms profit from these types of users immensely. Society does not want to be exploited or profited from and this is what creates so much interest in Tsu.

However, I have found a few less positive aspects of the concept in the few days I that I have been using it.

The current biggest problem with the concept is that obviously almost everyone who is using it is purely after financial gain. This results in the platform currently being filled with mediocre content and people spamming “follow me and add me as a friend and I’ll return the favor” requests on every post.  Due to this the general standard of quality is not very high, however, we must keep in mind that this platform is not even 20 days old, and already has over 50,000 android downloads and a lot of positive reviews. I think that over the course of the next few months, the quality will start to improve and like all other social media and networking sites, it will develop its own unique culture. That being said, it is still too early to draw conclusions, however, I will continue to use the site for the time being and I am curious to see how it grows.  

For more information about the concept, watch this FOX BUSINESS interview with Tsu Founder Sebastian Sobczak: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWXWZSW2PTQ



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