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100 years of ‘sambal bij?’

In 2010 it is exactly one hundred years ago that the first Chinese immigrants set foot on Dutch soil. This event is comemmorated by the ‘100 years Chinese in the Netherlands’ committee who will organise a range of events, the first being the opening of a typical Dutch Chinese restaurant in Arnhem’s open air museum. But what is the history of the Chinese in Holland?


Few people can imagine life without Chinese restaurants. They have become a standard feature of any Dutch town.


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MHMS represented at World Expo Shanghai

Last week, the Skills Masters job event was held in Ahoy Rotterdam. One of the main events on Thursday March 4th was the presentation of the Dutch students who will start their internship at the Netherlands Pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai this April. The Maastricht Hotel Management School will be represented by Jolien Bellers and Bas van Egmond. Special guests at the presentation: resigned State Secretary of Education, Culture and Science Marja van Bijsterveldt en Dutch rapper Ali B.


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Ryan Bingham's job is to fire people from theirs. The anguish, hostility, and despair of his "clients" has left him falsely compassionate, living out of a suitcase, and loving every second of it. When his boss hires arrogant young Natalie, she develops a method of video conferencing that will allow termination without ever leaving the office ...


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Sign Material

Americans tend to transport themselves by car, along broad roads, flanked by shopping malls and fast food restaurants. You hardly ever see a pedestrian walking by. Walking is certainly discouraged. The traffic is fast and sidewalks are sometimes absent, which makes going on foot a hazardous experience.  The two sorts of people  that do use the sidewalks are the beggar at the traffic light, with his cardboard sign saying ‘homeless and hungry’and the young man standing on a corner holding up an advertisement board: ‘Men’s suits’, or ‘Pepperoni pizza  $5’ an arrow pointing to the pizzashop where you can buy it.


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Are Indians anti-social and demanding in hotels? Do Russians really graze the buffet and do Brazilans really turn even breakfast into a party? This book explains the behavior of tourists from the so-called BRIC countries, Brasil, Russia, India and China...


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