ICAR Guidelines

Below you find guidelines for your ICAR submission. They are about ethical considerations, language and content and outward appearance. Your work is read and viewed by other people.  You will understand that we cannot expose items that lack quality, relevance and good manners on ICAWORLD, because they will undermine its credibility.  So please read them carefully before uploading your ICAR.



Ethical and language guidelines

-ICAWorld is not a platform for internship quality ratings:

   Don’t give negative judgments on the hotel and its managers/staff

-Be careful with personal information

-Don’t say something that’s false or for which you lack evidence

-Don’t use abusive language

-Be clear about what you are saying

-Check your spelling and grammar


Layout and structure guidelines

-Your ICAR should be around 500 words in total

-Make sure you fill in all the fields like name, country, date, etc.

-In the first paragraph you introduce the topic (±100 words)

-Then you  provide further details about the situation (±400 words)

-A picture says more than a thousand words, so feel free to add them