ICAR Themes



Communication at work

For example:
- Communicating with colleagues/managers
- Dealing with conflicts
- Managing other people
- Selling products/services
- Negotiating
- Getting things done (convincing)


Non-verbal Communication

For example:
- Gestures (greeting, inviting, showing (dis)approval, etc.)
- Facial expression (emotions such as joy, anger, surprise, sadness, etc)
- Eye contact (the accepted frequency and intensity of the contact)




For example:
- Loss of face (saying yes and doing no, admitting mistakes, sense of shame)
- Direct versus Indirect communication style
- Hierarchy and status ( using the right title and formality, showing an understanding of hierarchical relations)
- Use of voice (acceptable volume, speed, intonation)
- Use of language (misunderstanding caused by your or other’s command of the language; the local language or English as a foreign language)
- Use of language (misunderstanding caused by the interpretation of words)

- Learning the language


Dealing with time

For example:

- The importance of punctuality, tolerance towards ‘being late’
- In conversations: dealing with silences, tolerance towards interrupting the speaker


Dealing with space

For example:
- Interpersonal distance (what is acceptable?)
- Touching (to what extent is it accepted? Or stimulated?)
- Office space (relation between status and office size?  Seating arrangements in conversations?)
- The need for privacy


Socializing outside work

For example:
- Making friends
- Going out (eating habits, social life, to the club or to the pub, leisure habits)
- The importance of family
- Dealing with the other sex (do's and don'ts at work and outside)


Taboos (conversation stoppers)

Value systems

Examples of:
- Dealing with hierarchy (Power Distance)
- Dealing with uncertainty (Uncertainty Avoidance)
- Dealing with social relations (Individualism)
- Dealing with your social role  (Masculinity)


General knowledge (things you should really  know about this country)

General Topics:
- Culture shock (to what extent have you experienced the curve; from honemoon, through shock to acceptance?) Reverse shock when you return to the Neterlands?)

- Navigation strategy (what strategy do you use? Observe and copy? Talk about the diferences?)

- Traveling around the country

- Traffic and transport

- Health and health care

- Bureaucracy

- Religion and superstition

- Sports (which sports are popular, rules and rituals)

- Money (and how people view it/use it)

- Shops and Stores

- Dealing with emergencies (police, in case of fire, etc)

- Holidays (national, religious)

- Fashion and clothing

- Housing, furniture (architecture, design)