Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC)

Before you leave MHMS, all operational interns do the online Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC). This is a valid and reliable questionnaire measuring four vital intercultural competencies:


The degree to which a person takes an active interest in others, their cultural background, needs and perspectives


The degree to which a person actively monitors their own communicative behaviours when interacting with people from other cultures


The degree to which a person actively influences the social environment, is concerned with integrating different people and personalities


The degree to which a person prefers a predictable and homogeneous environment

The reason why we chose this instrument to pre-test your intercultural competence is that all four categories it measures are trainable skills. Rather than personality traits, which are pretty stable, the four ICR competencies can be developed to a large extent during your internship.


Example? If you are prone to avoid situations that are ‘strange’, ‘different’ or ‘difficult’ this is the moment to lower this preference. For instance by accepting invitations from colleagues to socialize outside work, actively approaching a manager in a foreign language, to ask for a favour, to eat things you wouldn’t eat normally.


Results IRC

The results of the IRC are presented in a personal profile, which is handed to you during the workshop ‘Intercultural Awareness’. You will get discrete, personalized feedback. This will help you to turn intercultural competencies into SMART learning goals.



Your privacy is guaranteed. The test results are completely anonymous. No third parties or tutors have access to your profile. It is up to you to discuss your IRC results with your intership supervisor. This is advisable, because he/she may help you to define learning objectives.