During your internship, whether near or far, the Hotelschool appreciates keeping in touch with you. Therefore, you report to your school internship supervisor regularly. Part of the periodic report is the ICAR (Intercultural Awareness Report) .


Intercultural Awareness Report

The Intercultural Awareness Report is part of the periodical report that you send to your intership supervisor five times during your internship. We have formulated questions and topics that are worthwhile to report on. You will find these in the information brochure that the Intership Department gave you.


Choose a topic or theme that you have experienced and write a short report about it. Fill in the ICAR format and submit it. Don’t forget to fill in all the fields, like name, hotel, country, etc. In case you have interesting pictures, please add them. Your ICAR will be uploaded on ICAWORLD after we have received an O.K. from your intership supervisor, so that other students can see it too. Be aware that other people read your work, make it worth their while! Keep your eyes and ears open, than you will see more than you think.


ICAR Database

Whether you are curious about South African cuisine, public tranpsort in Shanghai or want to know about ‘vousvoyer’ in France, in the ICAR database you can find all the reports you and your fellow students have written.


Sending in the ICAR

Your ICARS can be uploaded in a standard format. Pictures can also be uploaded. They are appreciated!


ICAR Guidelines

There are some specific do’s and don’ts when you write webcopy. In order to help you, we have formulated guidelines.


ICAR Themes

Just in case you lack inspiration, we have put a number of themes for the ICAR in a matrix.