In the semester before you leave on your operational internship, there is quite a workload of preparatory activities. You will search for your ideal destination, you will go through an intensive selection process. Developing your cultural awareness is part of the preparatory process. In the pre-internship semester, we offer a number of activities and instruments to help you on your way.


Cultural awareness
Working abroad for five months requires some general knowledge of culture, but also knowledge of your destination. This is what we call Cultural Awareness .



The internship department offers you a programme of preparation workshops on themes such as Personal Development Plan (PDP) and Cultural Awareness.


Intercultural Readiness Check

In order to find out to what extent you have already developed your intercultural competencies, you are given the opportunity to do a validated test, the Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC).


Acculturation Monitor

If you really want to experience life in another culture, get out of your Dutch bubble, get to know the local people . Some tips on ‘things-to-do-when-in-X’ can be found in the so-called ‘acculturation monitor’.