Paul Grol

Graduate from Nijenrode International Business School and Post-Graduate Studies in Economics and international Marketing at Roosevelt University, Chicago.


After a wide-range of international experience, he developed his career in the direction of commercial banking, where he was eventually working as Regional Director of the subsidiary of a large French bank. He set up an international executive training centre and plan and implemented its ‘internationalisation’ programme.


His experience in this field is recognized by universities in the Netherlands, France and  Spain where he is a visiting lecturer.  He is currently counsellor on Intercultural Management to several multinational groups.


Tom Overmeer

A Graduate Maastricht Hotel Management School in 1966.

After graduation he worked at Hilton Curacao where he became a  sales manager. In 1987 he started as an executive assistant GM at the Hilton Kuwait. After this,  he started a career as GM for many hotels of International Hotel chains like Hilton and Intercontinental in China, Cyprus, Kuwait, Curacao and the Netherlands.


From 2002 until now he is an esteemed lecturer  in Hospitality Management at MHMS.


Miranda Sidran

Graduated in Comparative Literature at the University of Sarajevo

After graduation, She started her career as a Foreign Service Officer. In  1996 she became a cultural attaché  at the embassy in Zagreb, Croatia. In 1997 she became Spokesperson  at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in 1999 a diplomat  at the embassy in London. After being a spokesperson for the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina  she became Head of the Bosnian Delegation at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.


Currently she is the ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Kingdom of the Netherlands


Yehia Rashed

Graduated with honors at the University of  Helwan Cairo, Egypt for Hotel and Business Administration in 1977.


He started as an Assistant Controller at the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel, leading to Director of Finance at the Prince de Galles in Paris and Amsterdam Marriott Hotel. In ‘94 to ‘97, he was the  Director of Rooms Operations and Director of F&B at the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel.


From 2000 to 2004 he was responsible for the Paris market as Cluster GM before moving back to Amsterdam as GM of the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel and since February 2006 as Cluster GM of the Amsterdam market and currently GM of the Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel.